Posted by: rongeri | October 23, 2009

Last Weekend I Had A Date—With My Wife

Last week I invited my wife Geri to go on a date with me on Saturday night. She accepted my invitation (I did not inquire if she had other options), but she wanted to know where we were going. I told her this is a real date, so I will tell you where we are going when I pick you up.

Geri gave me a you-must-be-losing-your-mind; how-are-you-going-to-pick-me-up-from-our-own-house look.

 Then she asked what time is our date, because you know I have bell-ringer practice at Dr. Johnson’s at 4:30. I told her 6:00 p.m. She said what if we are not finished practicing by then. I said, just tell the other bell ringers and musicians you have to go because you are going out on a date. With your husband.  She said, Right. But that’s what she did. (And the tremor you may have felt last Saturday around 5:55 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and  which registered at least a “7” on the Richter scale, was directly attributable to the response of the ladies at Dr. Johnson’s jumping up in shocked disbelief, their chairs falling over, the primal scream of  “ A Date?!”, “You’re husband is taking you on a date?! and by their stomping on the floor in gender unity with Geri and  sending a spiritual shockwave that crossed continents and oceans. Even the Starship Enterprise went to red alert).

When I went to pick her up at Dr. Johnson’s I was invited in. Dr. Johnson said the ladies there want to hear all about our date. I told Dr. Johnson and all the other assembled ladies that I was there to pick up my Queen for a date, and that it was nice to see all the other beautiful Queens and princesses present, but that where we were going on our date was a secret. After receiving nodding acceptance of my response, with irrefutable observations about them, someone asked how long have you and Geri been married. I replied that since we are still on our honeymoon we must be in our first year of marriage. Someone else asked Geri, does Ron give lessons in Husband 101, because if he does I’m signing my husband up right now!

Geri and I went home and changed for our date. I told Geri I was going to go downstairs, out the back door and come around the front and ring the bell, and that she should then come downstairs and open the front door. She gave me that look again. Then she started looking all around the floor and adjacent rooms. I followed her and asked her what are you looking for? She replied, your mind. You have obviously lost it. And since we have not gone very far, it must be around here somewhere. Notwithstanding her search, and being in full possession of my mental faculties, such as they are, I executed my plan.

I rang the bell. After about 90 seconds, she came down the second floor stairway, and to the door. She asked, who is it. I responded, your date. She opened the door, and from where they had been hidden behind my back, I handed her the roses I had briefly hidden on the back porch directly adjacent to our kitchen, and  had retrieved on my way to the front door. (I had picked the roses up while she was at Dr. Johnson’s and had started to bring them with me to give them to her when I picked her up. But on reflection, that would not have been congruent with date protocol and structure.)  She looked at me with a puzzled but very big and happy smile. To her unanswered question of why, I told her that when I take someone on a date, I give them flowers. After she put the roses in a vase, we went to the car. I opened the passenger side door for her. As she shook her head in puzzlement, I explained, this is a full scale “ole school date” (ala the Temptations great song “Treat Her Like A Lady”

We went to dinner at a new Greek restaurant in town. After dinner I headed up Valley Road (which is away from our house). She asked, aren’t we going home? I replied no we are not going home. We are on a date and I am taking you to a place we have not been to before and we need to get there before the curtain… (I almost let the cat out of the bag). She gave me a look like, we are going on a date to look for curtains?

 As we neared our destination I told her we were going to see Looking for Josephine, a new musical about the life of Josephine Baker.

(As we exited our car in the parking garage and we walking toward the theater I saw Dave Brinkley. Dave and I had gone to school from kindergarten through High School and he and I were roommates our freshman year at Rutgers  And Trish Montgomery who had also been at Rutgers when we were. If Dancing With The Stars had been around when we where there, and if  the D.C. Bop had been a dance, and Trish a contestant, there is no way all the judges would not have given her a “10”! That’s one I always wanted to learn to do but never did. But I digress. In any event, what a coincidence.) The musical was great.

 One the way home, Geri and I listened to Whitney Houston’s new CD, and especially liked “I Look to You”. When we got home we had desert: slices of the sweet potato pie I had bought earlier in the day. (That pie was so good, if you had put a slice on your forehead your tongue would have beaten your brains out trying to get a lick.)

 Great dinner, great musical, great sounds, great desert, great night.  We wanted to share this with you as well as the attached, Love Comes First.

Hope this brings a smile.  

 Ron Brown

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