Posted by: rongeri | December 28, 2011

Precious Memories

Sometimes you forget things you used to know. And then something happens that causes you to stop, give thanks, and to remember that memories are made up of precious every day moments. And a single moment can create a precious memory for a lifetime.

Here are a few of the everyday moments from December 27, 2011.

Today was a good day.

Slept a little late, then spent some time in The Word, and listening to a recorded sermon my sister gave me from the church she attends. The sermon was by Therman Evans, MD., PhD, Senior Pastor of Morning Star Community Christian Center in Linden New Jersey. The sermon linked parades of today with the Palm Sunday, expounding on the true meaning of riding into Jerusalem.

Then read the paper in bed, and made coffee for Geri, and just relaxed and talked. We watched The Doctors on channel 2 and learned some good health tips. Then I went downstairs to the parlor, sat down at the piano and created a new song that needs some work but has great chords and nice transitions. The mail came and contained a beautiful picture of Kim, Sean, and Sam. Drove out to the mall, got a rain check on an appliance, and picked up some new pots and pans on sale. Came back, and had to stop briefly as three deer crossed the road from a yard on their way back up to the woods just below the Essex County 9-11 memorial.
Stopped to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner and some wings to make some Have Mercy/Take Me To The Water chickenwith mushroom topping, with spinach salad, and a slice of peach pie for dessert, followed by some time on the exercise bike.

Looked at photo of Chris in his first fitting of the groom’s tux for the wedding in which Mike will be best man next year. Got confirmation that Mike’s lifetime membership in the Stanford Alumni Association is now paid in full and learned that another of Mike’s crew will be getting married in 2012.

And feeling a bit nostalgic, I thought back to some precious moments from the past. Like the moment the Dr. Payne, said “It’s a girl” and the moment three years later when he said “It’s a boy.” And before you could turn around, Mike and Kim were standing in front of the house getting ready to catch the school bus. These were precious memories and moments. Or the moment I first kissed Geri goodnight at Wyeth Hall on Mass Ave in Cambridge, and she kissed me back. (If all the Emergency Room triage units in the world had been linked together and on the corner of Mass Ave in Cambridge at that moment, with every conceivable medical technology at their disposal, it could not have done a thing. I was a “goner”.) Or the recent moments we heard these words about a relative in California and another in New York: “The surgery went well and everything is fine.”Or the moment when after three weeks of worry smothered in prayer, we saw a wonderful young lady from West Orange in church smiling and looking well. Amen.

Just some moments that created some memories. Today was a good day.


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